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Design Review Board Application

An application, completed in full, must be submitted for the Design Review Board to review and approve before a project(s) can commence.

Please be sure to review the list and submit the appropriate application.

Applications must be filled out completely. Incomplete applications may not be considered. The following attachment are examples of incomplete applications:

Please submit the Application Required Documentation via email to

  1. Application (please choose the appropriate application and follow any instructions accordingly)
  2. Plot Plan Drawing: A drawing to scale, showing the proposed structure and/or modifications as it a relates to the existing structure and its position on the property with exact dimensions including property lines, setback lines, existing and proposed lot contours and surface runoff flow plus relevant elevations of the structures and the lot. A registered survey is necessary for new construction and helpful for additions to prevent erroneous or estimated property boundaries.
  3. Floor Plan(s) Drawings: Drawings to scale showing existing and proposed construction and associated floor area totals.
  4. Roof Plan Drawing: Drawing indicating existing and proposed construction.
  5. Exterior Elevation Drawings: Four side view drawings indicating to scale existing and proposed construction, materials, colors, and elevation of roof ridge in relation to the highest approved ground point located on the front setback line of the property between the property’s side lot lines. The top of roof height limit is 16 feet above this point for all properties except those on the isthmus, where it is 18 feet.
  6. Exterior Color(s) descriptions or samples: It is suggested that prior to extensive design effort and formal submittal, applicants consider attending an DRB meeting to provide DRB with preliminary conceptual drawings or sketche.

Design Review Board Meetings

The DRB meets the second Tuesday of each month. A completed Application together with the documents listed above must be submitted to the Town no later than the 24th day of the month preceding the DBR monthly meeting at which the application is to be examined. The homeowner MUST be present at the Design Review Board meeting for the project to be discussed.

DRB approval is valid for 180 days.

If construction has not commenced within this period, plans must be resubmitted

For more information, please review the Design Review Guidelines(opens in new window) and also the Bow Mar Municipal Code, Ordinances and Policies.