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Town of Bow Mar - Focus on Safety

Easy things to do prevent crime on your property, to protect neighbors and Bow Mar:

  1. Lock doors
  2. Remove personal belongings from your car and keep it locked
  3. Get a locking mailbox
  4. Leave a light(s) on both inside and outside your property in the evening
  5. Post no solicitation / private property signs

The best way to deter crime is to make sure would-be thieves are not successful in Bow Mar – securing your personal property helps keep Bow Mar safe.

When calling 911:

  1. If you have a land line, use your land line to call 9-1-1. These numbers in Bow Mar have been programmed to route to the right emergency dispatch.
  2. If you use your cell phone to call 9-1-1, your call will be sent to the closest dispatch center. ALWAYS ask for Arapahoe County Dispatch, then request Columbine Valley Police. When you call 9-1-1-, it is most likely there will be a recording. Listen to the options!!
  3. Register for notifications by registering your cell number to your house through
    Arapahoe County: ArapAlert - in new window)
  4. Sign up for notifications alerts from CV Police on the Neighbors app. This is a Ring app; however, you can apply even though you don’t have a Ring camera. This is the quickest and most efficient way to get real-time crime and safety alerts on your phone and assist the police with finding a criminal using your video.
  5. How to call for help in Mary’s Meadow:
    The address for Mary’s Meadow is Marston Reservoir, 6100 W. Quincy Avenue. Please provide this address when reporting an incident to CV Police.
  6. House Watch:
    Did you know you can alert the CV Police that you are out of Town? Use this link in new window).
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